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USA Adventures June 2005

Vegas JCK Trade Fair
My wife Drena left a week before me (with Vanessa) and visited some of our joint suppliers in ArezzoItaly, 100km south of Florence. Most unfair that she gets to go and that it seems I will not visit Europe this year; Italy is my favorite place to be, but they did some buying for me, so cant complain too much. I arrived in Vegas a day before on the morning of Tuesday the 31st May and visited Jim Caudill the head of the American Gem Society's (AGS) new Advanced Instruments Division (AGS.AID).

Diamond Adventures in India

We arrived in Mumbai (Bombay) on the 12th of Feb. after our train journey on the Palace on Wheels in North India, 3 kilo's heavier and ready to buy diamonds. I have tried to capture a few of the interesting things we have seen around Mumbai.

The Palace on Wheels - The adventure

The adventure

We boarded the PoW’s in Delhi for a 1 week round trip.
In our carriage there were 4 bedroom / ensuites and a small sitting room that we shared with the other 3 cabins. Breakfast was served there by our 2 room butler guys.
We had a couple from NYC, Cydonia and Barry, really switched on and good fun. A 27 year old girl, Jennifer also from New York, who had just resigned as a currency broker from Goldman Sachs to do a spot of travelling, and finally a Pommie couple from Sydney who were 40/50 odd. Liz and Steve were school teacher and electrician trade-unionist; naturally Garry kept the conversation to religion and sex.