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Diamond Feather Inclusions: A Durability Risk?

When is a Feather a Durability Risk?

 There have been multiple forum discussions about feathers and durability.  In an effort to alleviate Pricescope poster concerns, we have asked several participating diamond experts to answer the question, “when is a feather a durability risk?”  Before we delve into their responses, let’s first take a look at the nature of feather inclusions.

“The French Blue,” by Richard W. Wise, G.G.

Just imagine: A humble mapmaker’s son travels the ancient world, discovers fantastic treasures, rescues a damsel and rises to the highest levels of French aristocracy!

“The French Blue,” based on true events, recounts the remarkable voyages of Jean-Baptiste Tavernier, a 17th Century trader of precious gems best known for discovering the phenomenal 115 carat blue diamond which later became the Hope Diamond. The book’s author, Richard Wise, takes factual events and blends them with plausible speculation to create a long and delightful tale; rich in history, action and romance.

What is an Eye Clean Diamond?

There are several threads discussing the definition of “eye clean.”  On the surface it seems like a fairly straightforward concept, but what constitutes eye clean varies for both consumers and vendors.  Rather than try to define the subjective, Pricescope has asked contributing vendors, appraisers, and experts to give us their company definitions of eye clean in an effort to improve communication from vendor to consumer.

Video Article: The Parts and Facets of a Diamond

Video Article: The Parts and Facets of a Diamond

Blue Fluorescence in Diamonds

Historically ‘blue white’ fluorescent top coloured (D to F on the GIA colour grading scale) diamonds were once priced around 10% more than non fluorescent diamonds. Today D to F coloured blue fluorescent diamonds are usually discounted on wholesale markets. There are two main technical reasons why fluorescent diamonds would be discounted. The diamond’s body colour may have been ‘over-graded’ or its transparency may have been impaired.