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The Modern Quest for Old Cut Diamonds

Over the past few years there has been a marked increase in the purchase of old cut style diamonds. We more and more often deal with questions from consumers who are considering both newly minted old style cuts and authentic old cut diamonds. Of course, the diamond material is hundreds of thousands of years old anyway, but there are those who wish to go “new” or “old” and those who just want the old look. A further layer of unknowns crop up when a client wants to differentiate from an unrestored old cut from an old looking stone that may have been more recently repaired or lightly modified for one of several reasons. Then, there are those people looking for all the best look of an old cut in a newly minted old looking diamond, which has the high light return features available utilizing more recent diamond cutting knowledge and techniques that did not exist a 100 years ago.

Engagement and Wedding Traditions around the World

The term “key to her heart” is a metaphor commonly used these days, but like many modern expressions of love, specifically those attributed to engagements and weddings, it is based on an ancient tradition that had significant meaning to couples about to tie the knot.

Refunds, Buyback, Trade-up and Trade-in

In choosing a diamond dealer or jeweler, many people are interested in the possibility of trading in their stone at some time in the future. This is part of the value added sales pitch for a significant percentage of the jewelers and evaluating these programs can be remarkably difficult. I’ll try to narrow it down a bit.

They basically come in 4 varieties. Refund, Buyback, Trade-up and Trade-in. Here’s a rundown of the differences.

6 Safe-guarding Tips for Traveling with Jewelry

Feeling the winter doldrums? It’s that time of year when thoughts turn to spring break and vacation getaways. Whether your travel plans include fun in the sun or hitting the snow-packed slopes, it’s important to know that the jewelry you bring along with you needs a little extra care. Here are some helpful tips on how to best protect your prized possessions while traveling.

New GIA and AGSL Naming Conventions For Cushion Cut Diamonds

Since October 2009 The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has attempted to clarify and reorganize its naming of cushion cut diamonds to leave less room for interpretation and inconsistency from one grader to the next. The American Gem Society Laboratories (AGSL) has also made similar efforts to enhance the consistency of its naming conventions to follow the lead of GIA.