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Why Aren’t Synthetic Diamonds Cheaper?

I get questions about this often and thought I would present something of an answer. Simulants are a different thing, and most of them ARE pretty cheap, but colorless and near-colorless lab-grown diamonds are pretty close to the prices of their natural counterparts. This often comes as a surprise, because people have seen or read things to the contrary, and because the whole synthetic gemstone business has precedents.

Price-prediction of diamonds – My analysis of the Alrosa-analysis

Last month, Russia’s biggest diamond miner Alrosa (currently the biggest worldwide supplier of rough diamonds) produced a report analyzing the supply, demand and prices of rough diamonds for the next 8 years.

The Internet and Sales Tax - A Free Ride or Not?

Can you save the sales tax by shopping on the Internet?

In nearly every case the answer is no.

Shoppers are accustomed to the idea that when they buy something at a store, the merchant will add a little bit at the end that will be identified as sales tax. It ranges from a few percent up to as high as 10.25% in Chicago. The rate charged will be based on the location of the store and usually people just grumble about it, pay it and that’s the end of the deal. The merchant will accumulate their tax collections and periodically submit them to the taxing authorities who will then distribute them to the appropriate agencies. 

Why isn’t Rapaport pricing important for consumers?

Let's start at the beginning. The Rappaport Diamond Report is a trade magazine for jewelers and others in the diamond business. It's a pretty good magazine. It's available by subscription only and interested subscribers can inquire at One of the regular features is a diamond pricing grid that is used by many in the trade as a benchmark for pricing their goods. It's updated weekly and distributed to subscribers by mail or fax. This grid is known as Rappaport, Rapaport, Rap or List and it's quoted regularly as part of sales presentations.