LaVerne M. Larson

Submitted by psadmin on May 04, 2009 - 08:38
Basic Info Name: LaVerne M. Larson Company: Gemological & Appraisal Services Membership: CSM, NAJA, GG Phone number: 480-802-8092 Email: NULL Resume Practicing since: 1997 Charge Charge per item: Yes Charge per time: Yes Security Secure Premises: Yes Locations Location(s): 1120 E. Mead Dr.,Chandler,us-AZ,us Postal Code: 85249 While you wait: Yes
Cut info report: I provide the stone's measurements, depth %, table %, girdle thickness and faceting, culet size, symmetry, polish, and cut grade on my Diamond Analysis page in addition to the color and clarity grades and plot Cut evaluation tools: I have an Ideal-Scope and use Gemology Tools Professional software in determining cut grade. Other area of expertise: I have attended numerous courses on antique jewelry, several of which included information on detecting reproductions. When in doubt, I consult the experts. Many of my gem courses have addressed treatments Recent education: See my Professional Profile for courses/subject listings. Can receive directly from vendors: No Turn Around time: For Insurance Replacement appraisals, generally 3 working days for market research and administrative details. Master stone set: I use two graded and registered master CZ sets with 10 stones in each.


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