AGA Diamond Shape Selector

The AGA Fancy Diamond Shape Selector tool helps you visualize the outline shape and the length to width ratio of fancy shape diamonds. Just fill in the length and width inside the brackets, or just directly control the length and width with the sliding tool. Secondly, you may shape and vary the amount of buldge of important parts of these shapes to demonstrate an important large variable in selecting the exact outline of any proposed diamond. This valuable tool gives you a good representation of a diamond’s overall face-up shape based on its measurements. The AGA Shape Selector calculates length to width ratios for emerald cuts, hearts, marquises, ovals, pears, princess, and radiant cut diamonds. You can print the results with the “Print” command in the lower right of the selector tool.
To learn more about these shapes please visit our Fancy Shape Diamond Guide.

Special thank you to Dave Atlas for donating this tool to the Pricescope community.