Post by akuiper84 » February 28th, 2011, 10:36 pm
I recently proposed to my girlfriend this last weekend. I just want to say how helpful whiteflash was in this whole process. Not only were they understanding, but walked me through the whole process. Whenever I had a question they were only a phone call away, and always were nice, polite and very helpful. Now for the most important part: THE RING IS BEAUTIFUL. The pictures can never do the actual ring justice. My fiance has gotten nothing but compliments on how beautiful the ring is. She had a ring ceremony in her sorority where she passes the ring around 200 other girls, and everyone said that it was the most beautiful ring they had ever seen. I have never been so happy with a jewelry purchase in my life. I cant say enough how wonderful whiteflash was during this whole process.

I would encourage everyone to go through whiteflash for their engagement. The ring I got was the amphora (its a halo with diamonds all around the ring).