Post by greyer » June 26th, 2012, 10:01 pm
hi,all! :mrgreen:

I'm new here and now considering buying a pearl necklace for my mum with a budget of 150 pounds or more(approx.a freshwater one).I have read many posts in this forum and pearl-guide as well,and found that many recommended pearl paradise as a online shopping store.However,I am now in the uk and it would be quite expensive to buy there due to the high shipping cost and also tax.Another shop owned by someone named Wendy in uk looks good choice,but the problem is that choices are so limited.

Can anyone please give me some suggestions on where to buy one?should I buy from pearlsource of pearlsonly (seems that the two vendors both have bad reputation according to the posts from pearl-guide :(( ) ?

your reply would be appreciated !thanksssss =)

ps.OR it would be better to buy from China since most freshwater pearls are cultured there?I'm afraid I would get fake ones :confused: