Post by Puckman » January 5th, 2006, 7:53 am
Been lurking for a while reading up on diamonds, but finally decided to post. I’ll be in Hyderabad India from now till mid Feb. Seeing as it’s one of the major pearl centers of the world, I figure I should definitely pick up a few nice sets for my girlfriend, or possibly buy really nice loose ones and have something custom made back in the States. Anyone have any recommendations on what types I should be looking for while I’m over on this side of the world? I read a few pearl books to learn what I should be looking for when I buy them, but are there types that are advised to get while I’m over here? Also while I’m at it, any type of jewelry I should be looking to pick up while I’m here? I’ve been picking up cheap Indian style jewelry but nothing major yet and thought I’d see if anyone has any opinions. Thanks!