Post by Mayk » April 8th, 2012, 9:35 am
My daughter was diagnosed 16 months ago with a curve of 17 degrees in the thoracic region. Smaller curves lower and higher. No changes for 10 months. Last week during a regular follow up visit the curve had advanced to 40 degrees. She will be fitted for a brace this week in attempt to prevent additional curving. She will wear it for 18 months.. Before they determine it's been controlled or surgery is on option. My only co-worker with an experience to share has a story that makes my head hurt. If you can share an experience I'm interested in how you handled the treatment and if the brace was successful. We have awesome doctors at a top rated chilren's clinic and a pediatric orthopedist with 25 years experience. I would just like to hear from real people about wearing the brace and the outcomes... If possible...if you don't mind sharing.
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