Calling all the Pregnant PS''ers

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Re: Calling all the Pregnant PS''ers

Post by stephb0lt » June 5th, 2012, 11:19 am
Good luck Missy! Keep us updated if you can, can't wait to find out what you've got in there...I'm feeling team Blue for you!

Kunzite, thanks for sharing your birth story, I'm thinking of your guys and hope they are growing and thriving.

MP, I have an anterior placenta and I still feel a ton of movement. I think the difference is you miss some of those earlier movements, and you also don't have the obvious body parts poking out - but you definitely can still see the alien-esque movements from outside the belly when baby is moving around. Congratulations on team blue!

Monnie, your little girl is so cute! Hope you are recovering well, thanks for starting the pp thread, I am taking notes!

MerryMary glad you are doing well! Hope the BP issues stay in check and baby decides to show up soon!

PPM, my midwife group is more laid back about PROM as well, they don't have a hard timeline, just as long as you are progressing and showing no signs of infection they will let you keep going rather than setting a clock and automatically augmenting. It's funny because I have heard so many stories of labor starting that way and am scared of it happening to me but they said it's not that common...less than 10% of labors in their experience.

Hi to everyone else!

AFM not much new. Getting close to feeling like I am in a good place work wise, which is good because it has been causing me a lot of anxiety. I wish I had a hard date to stop work but I want to save my paid time off for after baby is here, so just trying to get to a place where I leave every day well documented so my replacement can step in and have wrapped up most of my bigger projects. Been having loads of contractions but no rhyme or reason to them and they are more uncomfortable than painful, so I guess still just BH. DH and I both had dreams last night that I gave birth (in our driveway and our bedroom respectively). Maybe it's a sign? But I'm only 37w4d so it would still be early, I'm not going to get my hopes up. Just in the waiting game for now...maybe I'll have more info after my midwife appt tonight.

Re: Calling all the Pregnant PS''ers

Post by amc80 » June 5th, 2012, 11:36 am
Missy- Yay! I'm so excited for you!!!

Written by monkeyprincess » June 5th, 2012, 11:11 am:amc, glad to hear things seemed to have slowed down a bit. Keep taking it easy, so you can keep that little one inside as long as possible. Good luck with the ped meeting. Do you have to pay for an appointment to do that or how does it work? We've gotten a few recommendations, but most of them are on the opposite side of the city from where we live...

Nope, it's free. My recommendation though is to make appointments soon! This doc only does these appointments one day a week. I made it back in March and this was the first available opening.
Re: Calling all the Pregnant PS''ers

Post by PetitePoire » June 5th, 2012, 11:38 am
Amc- Congrats on 30 weeks. I hope the contractions stay away. Good luck with the pediatrician appointment!
Monarch- Love the cute pictures ! I love that she is wearing the flower from your wedding day. So precious. Also, thanks so much for starting the PP thread ! Just in time. I’ll be keeping a close eye on that thread.

Kunzite- Thank you for sharing your birth story. It’s amazing how different the u/s estimated their weight vs their actual weight! I’m glad to hear the babies are doing well.

Missy- I can’t wait to hear your birth story soon! It sounds like you’ve had a pretty eventful (and indecisive) few weeks! I’m so excited for you!

MP- I think my placenta is in the front too. I’m not sure, I just know it’s always covering the baby’s face. Later on you will feel movement either way. Rest assured the movements will come!

Lizzy- Congrats on 32 weeks!

Muffdog- I feel exactly the way you do now! Overly exhausted and uncomfortable upon standing. Perhaps it’s just the perks of gravity? I keep hoping it’s the start of labor, but so far nothing! How are you still working feeling like this? Are you sleeping at night? If so, how? Any tips?

Hello to everyone else! I only looked on this last page, so I’m sorry if I missed anyone.

AFM- 37 weeks today! I’m exhausted and insanely uncomfortable. My appetite is pretty non existent. I haven’t been sleeping well the past few weeks and haven’t slept at all the last 2. I just can’t get comfortable and if I do fall asleep it’s only for a few minutes. Not fun. I had a day full of appointments yesterday. I had monitoring done it showed no contractions. I was reallllly hoping for some. We also did the hospital tour. I was excited until I saw it- it’s scary! It’s scary to think I will really be there within the next few weeks. Tomorrow I have some sort of scan to see if my pelvic bones are big enough for the baby to pass through. I’ve never heard of this, but this new doctor makes everyone. Fingers crossed it’s ok! Sorry for the downer post.
Re: Calling all the Pregnant PS''ers

Post by puppmom » June 5th, 2012, 12:37 pm
Missy, good luck!

Petite, I got a little queasy on the hospital tour. It is SO intimidating!
Re: Calling all the Pregnant PS''ers

Post by Kunzite » June 5th, 2012, 9:51 pm
Good luck Missy!!
Re: Calling all the Pregnant PS''ers

Post by PilsnPinkysMom » June 5th, 2012, 11:55 pm
Missy- AHHHH!!! Oh gosh. I think it's a boy, not that sex matters- I just hope you have a smooth labor and delivery and a healthy, wonderful babe- which you will. I am so excited for you!!!!

Steph- I'm glad your middies are also relaxed about PROM. I was starting to think mine were a bit wackadoo, since every.other.person has heard that a prompt trip to the hospital is required post-water-breakage. Bottom line is that we have to go with our guts and follow doctors' orders to the extent we're comfortable with them.

How are you mamas coping with the heat? It certainly doesn't help with exhaustion. I'm feeling listless and unmotivated 50% of the time. The rest of the time I'm go-go-go, non-stop cleaning and nesting. Then my body pays for the overexertion.

...So... we had to go to a breastfeeding class tonight. It was not as helpful as I expected, unfortunately. Then, during our break, the IBCLC ordered all of the mamas to the back room and told us we were going to learn to hand-express (the director of the midwifery center wants all center moms to be familiar with the how-tos). And there, in a group of strange women, I had a total stranger order my shirt up, my bra down, and watched her express colostrum from my breast....and then watched her do the same for all the women in the room. I'm not particularly body conscious, but I guess today marked the end of my modesty about body functions and nudity. And it was SO funny walking back into the main room with all the hubbys/partners sitting around, twiddling their thumbs, as they asked, "So... did... did it work?"

Admittedly, it's pretty neat knowing my body is already prepping for BFing. At the same time, I didn't produce as much/as quickly as others, so I'm already wondering, "Ahhh!! Oh no! Will I produce enough for my babe?!" :rolleyes: She actually recommended practicing every few days, as bodies will continue producing colostrum until the release of the placenta from the uterus. In some hospitals diabetic woman are hand expressing pre-labor and storing little vials of colostrum for their LOs! That's pretty wild!

"Nothing will work unless you do." - Maya Angelou
Re: Calling all the Pregnant PS''ers

Post by mayerling » June 6th, 2012, 4:46 am
Once again, congrats to Monarch, Kunzite, and China for having their babies! :appl:

Missy, good luck today! I can't wait for updates!

And congrats to Muff and Steph for reaching full term!

PPM, I'm surprised that the midwifes already had you express colostrum. I was under the impression that expressing before the baby is born is no good. :confused:

Petite, I think it's a good idea to get a scan to check whether the pelvis is big enough for the baby. I wish they would do that everywhere. I think it would save a lot of women who end up with caesareans a lot of unnecessary pain.

MP, I wouldn't worry about not feeling any movement yet. With an anterior placenta it does take longer but once it arrives there's no mistaking it for anything else.

Amc, glad the contractions have subsided.

AFM, 35 weeks today. It feels like it's getting closer but it also feels far away. My pelvic pain is a bit better which is good because now I can walk relatively okay. At my appointment on Friday, all they did was use the doppler for the heart and tell me to eat lots of green vegetables - I already do so there's no issue. They also said I should get a full blood count at my next blood test. Apparently I need my blood count to be up to a certain level before they can administer an epidural. Anyway, I'll get the blood drawn some time next week. Other than that, I feel fine and don't feel like this baby is any closer to being born than it was a month ago. I've also just weighed myself and apparently I've gained 10 kg so far. I'm pretty sure I'll gain at least another 2 before the baby is born but overall I'm pretty happy with my weight gain. Lately, I've noticed that my appetite is insatiable, though. Anyway, no other news from me. Keep baking those babies!

Also, happy hump day bump day! Here's me at 35 weeks:
Re: Calling all the Pregnant PS''ers

Post by Missy0483 » June 6th, 2012, 7:38 am
Hi everyone! Thanks for the good wishes! The foley balloon was removed last night at 10:30pm. I only dilated to 2cm then and was given oral meds to produce stronger meds. That got me to 3cm by 7am this morning. They started the pitocin iv at 8am and I'm having pretty strong more regular contractions now. Doc said we're working on fitting this baby delivered today! So that's it for now!
There is a RAINBOW of hope at the end of every storm.
Re: Calling all the Pregnant PS''ers

Post by monkeyprincess » June 6th, 2012, 8:08 am
Missy, that's exciting. Really hoping things continue to progress for you and you get to meet your little one today. So funny that everyone thinks it's a boy. We'll find out soon!

Mayerling, looking good!

PPM, oh my! I would've died if I had been in your class. It's one thing to be in the privacy of your hospital room doing that when you actually have the baby and need to learn to feed it or even if they had shown you how to do it one on one in a private room, but I think it is really odd and uncomfortable that they would do it like that in a class with other women watching. Maybe I'm a prude, but I probably would've declined and left.

PP, hope your scan goes well today!

amc, thanks for the info. I asked a few other people yesterday, and I finally got a glowing recommendation for a doctor who just switched to a clinic in our area. I'll have to call to schedule a meet and greet.

Steph, hope things are progressing nicely and you don't have too much longer to wait!
Re: Calling all the Pregnant PS''ers

Post by amc80 » June 6th, 2012, 10:12 am
Missy- How excited! You're going to have a baby! TODAY!

The meeting with the pediatrician went well. I had list of questions and was satisfied with his answers. He seemed approachable and friendly. I also love that his practice is part of an after-hours clinic, open on evenings and weekends. He also visits babies in the hospital and will perform the circumcision within 24 hours of birth.

I have my OB appointment today. Really curious to see if I'm still having regular contractions and if I'm dilated. Hopefully not. Although I'm pretty sure am having contractions still, mainly because I have that constant period-like cramping.

Here's my pic for the week- 30 weeks.

week30 shirt.jpg
week30 shirt.jpg (88.46 KiB) Viewed 639 times
Re: Calling all the Pregnant PS''ers

Post by lizzyann » June 6th, 2012, 11:11 am
Good Luck Missy! I hope things progress smoothly for you!!! Can't wait to see your little boy! Ha ha!! I totally think it's a boy too!
Re: Calling all the Pregnant PS''ers

Post by monkeyprincess » June 6th, 2012, 3:43 pm
Missy, still thinking of you! Can't wait to hear an update!

I'm procrastinating right now, so I'm unloading a few cellphone pics of: 1) baby's profile, 2) the flowers DH sent after our ultrasound last Friday (so fun to have something pretty to look at), and 3) my bump as of last night. To be fair, the bump picture was taken after a big meal (and before I worked out), so I think it overrepresents my size a bit. Nevertheless, as of the past couple weeks, I'm large and in charge!

0.jpg (45.24 KiB) Viewed 572 times
1.jpg (71.09 KiB) Viewed 572 times
2.jpg (26.46 KiB) Viewed 572 times
Re: Calling all the Pregnant PS''ers

Post by monarch64 » June 6th, 2012, 5:10 pm
Good luck Missy!!! Hope the rest of your labor goes smoothly!
Re: Calling all the Pregnant PS''ers

Post by missrachelk » June 6th, 2012, 7:27 pm
Go Missy Go!

So many seem to be very close! it's surreal to see people who had just announced their pregnancies when I was TTC having their babies. I guess it will really seem really, really, real when my own baby is almost here.

Baby and I had our checkups this week - fetal heart echo and a regular midwife visit. All went great with the echo and it was really fun to see the baby bigger in there! Everything was as they wanted to see it so unless something comes up I'm done with ultrasounds. Middie visit went great as well, well except for the weigh in. They didn't hassle me of course, and I even asked about their approach to weight gain. Was told they recommend 25-35 lbs but as long as you are seeming healthy and fit and aren't exhibiting signs of a problem, they don't worry about it. I'm hesitant to even admit here how much I've gained, I'm almost caught up to a coworker's gain for her whole pregnancy already and I'm only 22 weks! Aack! Not much I can do about it now but figure out how to get more active and try to cut down on the treats. I did gain 10 pounds basicaly immediately after getting pregnant, I really still don't understand how it happened because I wasn't eating tons. Maybe I was just always going to gain a good amount. I am still sticking with the very realistic goal to keep the number under 50 pounds. I think I can do it, as long as I slow it down a bit here in the next month or two.

Soooooo - we had our gender reveal party over the weekend! It was great, had a great group and a friend who we know from the islands who also moved back here recently was even able to come, which was especially nice. We had a great time and EVERYONE was super antsy to get the food eaten so we could get to the cake! Even the guys were really excited. I'm so glad we did it, I'd wanted to do a gender reveal since before I was preggo, and it really was tons of fun. The cake came out DELISH as well, I ended up making a vanilla / almond flavored cake and dyed it, a cream cheese filling, also dyed, and creamy chocolate frosting. DH and I just finished it up last night :lickout:

Without further ado - here are the pics - I'll try to do them in-post so I can narrate a bit. Hopefully they'll come up nicely like in the preview.

The cake:
IMG_2653_2.jpg (160.44 KiB) Viewed 515 times

One of DH and I
IMG_2657.jpg (128.46 KiB) Viewed 515 times


The inside!

IMG_2663.jpg (162.38 KiB) Viewed 515 times

It's a GIRL!!!

My new FB profile picture:
IMG_2674.jpg (133.32 KiB) Viewed 515 times

DH and I, and our families are overjoyed. I was so convinced it would be a boy since I wasn't very sick, seemed to be carrying low etc. Goes to show you never know! In a way I did want a boy as well, my brother already has 2 girls so it's 3 granddaughters for my parents now! We're planning the nursery to be fairly gender neutral, not super girly, with maybe a few pink accents. Every time DH and I go out shopping we pick up a few peices of cute clothing. I can see how easy it is to overload on NB and 0-3 month clothing it's too cute for words!
Re: Calling all the Pregnant PS''ers

Post by PilsnPinkysMom » June 6th, 2012, 8:06 pm
MissR: Congrats on your little daughter!!! :love: :love: What a sweet way to share the news. Seems like the party was great. And regarding weight gain, just remind yourself that your body will do exactly what it needs to stay healthy and strong for your LO.

Missy: Thinking of you!!!! There's a chance you could be holding your LO by now!

"Nothing will work unless you do." - Maya Angelou
Re: Calling all the Pregnant PS''ers

Post by missrachelk » June 6th, 2012, 8:28 pm
thanks PLP. I will also remember that a good amount of weight is located on my chest, now, not just my rear end!
Re: Calling all the Pregnant PS''ers

Post by katamari » June 6th, 2012, 9:28 pm
Holy moly!! Look at this PS baby boom!!

Huge congraulations to ChinaCat, Kunzite, and (hopefully by now) Missy!! I hope you are all enjoying your babies!! :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl:

Choro, congrats on getting to full term. Did you get all your finals taken care of and in order? Did you get your grading in? I got mine in on Monday and just have to deal with some appeals. DH had a dream before I got pregnant that we had a girl, however, his family is tops at producing boys, so I am just not sure.

PetitePoire, hopefully you are having more luck getting comfortable. I hope that your pelvic bones are wide enough for labor. I suppose it is better to know now than to labor for hours only to wind up having a c-section anyways. Congrats on being full term!

Dani, how was the baby moon? It is still pretty cool where I am so Miami beach sounds fantastic. Any proper bump yet? I am starting to fill out a bit.

PnP: You are so brave to bare your nips in front of all those strangers! I am sure your production will be just fine. I am sure the weird factor of having strangers pawing at your boobs didn't help with the lactation. It will be more natural with the baby.

good to hear that the contractions are subsiding, but bed rest. . .ugh. Do you have some books or a series or two you have been looking forward to catching up on? That should make it more tolerable. How did your follow-up go? Hoping for a super tight cervix.

RachelK; Congratulations on your little girl!! How awesome! I am glad you enjoyed your party and everyone had a great time. And, you look great to someone who doesn't know what you weighed before your got pregs. I wouldn't worry about it at all. I am excited to know and to learn your name options.

Looking great, stephbolt!

MP: Congratulations on your little boy with perfect little parts. Isn't it actually cool that they don't fit on the screen for good whole shots anymore? It does make cute US pics harder to get, but the DVD sounds great! Good luck with the great names hunt! I am not quite ready to think about having a newborn yet, but a friend gave me "Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn" by Simkin, Whalley, and Keppler. She highly recommended it. My mom also got me the Sears library based on a rec from a cousin. I also have an anterior placenta and it did make me feel movements later than some pregnancy books/apps said I would, but I do notice them pretty regularly now. In fact, bubs kicked DH in the face the other night while he was laying on my lap. It was the first time he felt it move, so that was really cool.

MerryMary: Looking great at 39 weeks! Your baby is almost here!! I love both your name choices! I hope your BP stays down until you make it to delivery. Can't wait to see your baby!

Monarch, Alexandra is beautiful! I am happy to hear that you and she had a mostly positive birthing experience.

Cute bump, mayerling! I didn't know that about the blood count and epideral, so good luck getting it up. A veggie diet sounds wonderful.

AFM: I think I am starting to bump a bit. This is from about 4 days ago, and I swear I am significantly bumpier now than I was then. It is nice that my belly is catching up with my boobs, which have grown from already huge to cartoonish. I had to shop online to be able to get bras in my new embarrassing size. I am also finally feeling bubs on a regular basis, which is pretty cool. And, I think DH and I have decided to go ahead with the private scan to learn the sex. We are wavering back and forth between two nursery designs, though both are gender neutral (we think). We close on our house in two weeks (!!!) and I am three weeks away from the 3rd Tri. DH and I decided to wait until the 3rdT to buy anything baby, so I am excited to be in our new house and start shopping for some goods. ImageImage

Re: Calling all the Pregnant PS''ers

Post by monarch64 » June 6th, 2012, 10:42 pm
Wow, love the bump pics, you ladies are looking phenomenal!!! I KNEW I was going to miss being pregnant (sob)! My husband and I were talking about all of it tonight between discussions of wills and appointing guardians and crappy stuff and he said "I told you you would love being pregnant!". I don't remember him saying that but I told him he was right anyway. He certainly enjoyed hearing that (don't they all?!). Best of luck to everyone. It is so hard to let go of this thread and move into newborn to twelve months! But I guess I will see you all there soon anyway!
Anxiously awaiting news from Missy!
Oh, my recovery is going much better, thanks to those who inquired. Less pain every day, today I just felt bruised instead of stabbed! I vacuumed and was able to do a lot of chores plus we took A to her newborn appt and it went really wel. She is testing at a 2-3 month level due to her muscular capability (has lifted her head almost since birth etc) so that was pretty cool!

Edited for spelling!
Re: Calling all the Pregnant PS''ers

Post by Dani » June 7th, 2012, 8:56 am
Hi everyone!! I'm back!!!

First off, Congratulations to ChinaCat & Kunzite!!!! And Missy, I'm thinking about you and hope all is well!! Check in with us when you can!!!!

How is everyone else feeling?? Kata- you look great!!! I don't know, sometimes I think I have a bump, other times I still think I just look a bit chubbier. I think most strangers at this point would think I was just chubby, except when I was in my bathing suit in Miami, my hubby said I definitely look preggo. Speaking of Miami, it was great, but I wont lie, it wasn't as good as it typically is!! I couldn't lie out that long without getting overheated, couldn't do a lot of walking, and generally just felt very large and in charge:( I was also nervous that if something were to happen I was so far away from home. Oh well, it was nice to get away though for a few days and enjoy some time alone with the hubby. Don't think we'll be doing that again for a long time :confused:

Rachel- congrats on your little girl!!! So exciting!!! And I love that cake- it looks very yummy!!!!! Kata- best of luck with your house closing!!! I hope it all goes well!!!!

Monarch- Glad to hear you're feeling better!!! Take it day-by-day!!!!

Its almost Friday everyone!!! Have a great day!!! :appl: :appl:
Re: Calling all the Pregnant PS''ers

Post by amc80 » June 7th, 2012, 10:25 am
Good morning! I am happy to report that my appointment went well. My cervix is still closed and long. My OB said she isn't really worried about the contractions at this point since they obviously aren't productive. She said as long as they stay irregular it's okay. She even said I can basically live my life normally except for working out (duh) and taking meds every 6 hours. But to come in if contractions become more frequent, painful, or regular.

Still measuring 3 weeks ahead, so I'll be getting a second growth u/s at my next appointment (in two weeks). I'm very excited to see if it's a big baby, a ton of fluid, or a combination of both.
Re: Calling all the Pregnant PS''ers

Post by vintagelover229 » June 7th, 2012, 11:41 am
Congratulations to ChinaCat, Kunzite, and Missy!! I hope you are all enjoying your babies!! :appl:

Choro: yay on being full term. Did you get your grades yet? I'm sure you did great!

PetitePoire: I hope you are comfortable-all this 30+ week uncomfortable talk is making me worry I won't be able to sleep or get comfortable when I get that far.

Dani: I bet you had a great trip. How was it traveling pregnant? I'm getting ready to do so in about 2 weeks so I'd love any tips/advice you can spare. I have a 5 hr flight and plan on bringing my knitting...hopefully I don't make any mistakes since I'm not to the point where I can fix them! LOL!

PnP: My husband would have freaked having someone pumping my nipples-lol! But I'm sure after I get further along and the midwife does more hands on actions he'll just have to get over it :) Did it hurt at all?

AMC: good to hear that the contractions are subsiding, but bed rest. . .ugh. Your in my prayers and hopefully the rest of the pregnancy is smoother than the past little bit for you. HUGS!

RachelK;Congratulations on your little girl!! How exciting-I love the way you revealed it. Everyone keeps asking if we are going to find out the gender-and I'm still set on not finding out (only had one dating ultrasound at 7w5d with no plans on getting another one unless needed). His younger sister has 3 (2 girls and a boy in the middle) and he is SO cute (they are all but he's just so hands on and smart-4 yrs old tinkering with tools/etc) but my dad only has 2 grandsons (9 &7) and I know he'd love a granddaughter-but my mom already has 4 granddaughters and a grandson from my older sister (she'd done now lol) and so they really will be happy if I have a boy :)

Looking good steph!

MP:Congratulations on your little boy! I'm glad that everything looked good on the US :) I wish we had gotten the picture at 7w5d for ours (they didn't tell us until after we had paid that we needed to pay more and he was running late to go to work and we didn't have time to go grab more cash...I'm thinking of seeing if they can print one out later-but I'm doubting it). It would be nice to have though-a DVD would be even cooler since it probably has sound!

MerryMary: 39 weeks! Your baby is almost here!! I can't wait to hear your birth story and see pictures of your LO :)

Monarch: Alexandra is beautiful! I am happy to hear that you are recovering well and that she is doing well :)

Mayerling: Looking great! I'm not sure I can handle an all veggie diet though-I like my hamburgers (actually-I craved them earlier in the pregnancy and ate one everyday for like 5 days lol. I felt silly but man-every time I had options in front of me I just wanted a cheese burger!)

Katamari: Congratulations on closing on the house soon-we closed on ours March 16th and we're so happy to have it done so we can be ready for the baby. There was/is a ton of cleaning/etc to do since it was a foreclosure-I hope being in your 3rd tri almost that there isn't to much prep work to make it livable :)

As far as myself-I'm still going. I haven't gotten sick in a couple of weeks-but I still haven't felt the greatest. I'm really wanting to get off my anti-nausea meds but the nights I've forgotten it I've woken up not feeling the greatest. Not horrible-but a noticeable difference. I think I still have my yeast infection (TMI I know) but I hate antibiotics and haven't gotten to pick up my probiotics yet-probably will on Sunday. I finally am getting into seeing the midwife on the 19th-which will make it close to 8 weeks since I've seen her and although I'm not happy about it-I'm sure things are progressing smoothly since the baby is moving a lot and I am eating/walking/feeling fine. It's just a few days before our honeymoon that I will see her and I will probably see her soon after we return.

We have a ton of yard/house work to do in order to get ready for family/friends visiting and our summer housewarming/wedding reception. I sent out an Evite and man-I love that site. I can add things to bring/guests and RSVP-all right in one place! I highly recommend it :)

My DH said I've gotten bigger (pop wise) and I'm not happy with my weight gain either. Not that I can blame the weight itself-I had 2 bridal showers and the cake/etc was really good. I do my best to eat healthy but starting at 108 and now close to 125 and I'm 22w4d puts me at ~3lb gain per month-average that until the end and I'll be right at a 30lb gain. Which I know is okay but if my boobs get any bigger (that seems to be where all the weight is going I swear) I'm going to topple over. I'm really not *that* worried about it but I hope I can wear my wedding set the entire pregnancy-the good news is I have a nice artcarved gold band I usually wear on my middle finger on my right hand-so if I do to that point I'll put them on a necklace and wear my band.

Does anyone else have balance issues? It's like my belly and my boobs make me front heavy and I just tilt over the wrong way a bit and I have to catch myself from toppling over! I'm sure I look like a goofball-yesterday I started up the stairs-didn't get a good enough start-stepped back down and I'm not even that big yet! :roll: :lol:

On a more fun bling note I order a really cool necklace that has a musical property to it. They are called Mexican bola or harmony balls or baby chimes. Here is a site I found with good prices (the other ones I've found cost quite a bit more but I'll link them)

Here is a photo (not of the one I got-I got one dark blue with dolphins on it) and the description

Harmony Ball Pregnancy Necklace.

Did you know baby inside the mother womb can hear sound starting 20 weeks.

The harmony ball pendant makes a nice soft chiming sound when moved. With the 36 inches long necklace reaching the belly area. The peaceful chiming sound will be heard by the baby in the womb.

When the baby is born, he/ she is already familiar with the chiming sound. Hearing the same sound may give the baby comfort and sense of security.

Our long 36 inches necklace is designed to be able shorten easily. After the baby born, the necklace can be worn high during nursing.

Here are some on ebay

If you google it you can find quite a few of them-different styles/kinds

I hope I didn't miss anyone-continued thoughts and prayers all :)
il_570xN.328310059.jpg (57.06 KiB) Viewed 358 times
This isn't me-just an example of where they are hung
il_570xN.278748503.jpg (135.09 KiB) Viewed 358 times
harmony ball.jpg
The one I got
harmony ball.jpg (50.91 KiB) Viewed 358 times
Re: Calling all the Pregnant PS''ers

Post by PetitePoire » June 7th, 2012, 12:00 pm
amc- I'm glad you OB isn't worried about the contractions. I'm sure that's a bit reassuring. Did they say when they/you should worry? Will you be checked more often?

Dani- I'm glad you trip went well, despite the heat. Everything feels 10x worse being pregnant I think.

Katamari- You look great! Unfortunately, my boobs haven't received the memo that I'm pregnant- so I'm quite jealous that you are wanting the opposite!

MissRachel- Congrats on team pink! Your gender reveal party looks like a ton of fun. I've gained about 30lbs so far by week 37. My appetite has slowly gone down though, so I'm not sure how much more I'll gain. It's something that stressed me out in the beginning, but once I hit 27 I quit worrying. Sure, I have my days when it scares me how much of gained, but like PPM said- your body is going to do what it needs to do.

Monkeyprincess- Cute pics! That's so sweet of your DH to send you flowers. :)

Hi to everyone else! Missy- I hope everything is going well! Can't wait to hear from you.

AFM- 37w2d. This week is crawling. I've started walking after dinner and it helps me to sleep a little better. I've slept between 5-7 hours NON STOP (as in no waking up to pee!!) the past two nights. Knock on wood that it stays that way for at least a few more days. I'm attaching a (scary/creepy/etc) picture from the scan this week. I was expecting it on radiography paper, not like this--- but it's interesting so I thought I'd share! It's like a picture from a science book.The Dr. said the baby should fit, so that's good to know.

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Post by mayerling » June 7th, 2012, 12:25 pm
Written by vintagelover229 » June 7th, 2012, 11:41 am:Mayerling: Looking great! I'm not sure I can handle an all veggie diet though-I like my hamburgers (actually-I craved them earlier in the pregnancy and ate one everyday for like 5 days lol. I felt silly but man-every time I had options in front of me I just wanted a cheese burger!)

Hi Vintage. I think there's been a misunderstanding. The doctor wasn't saying I should *only* eat green vegetables. He was just trying to say I should make sure my diet includes green vegetables. There's no way I'm suddenly going to turn vegetarian.
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Post by lliang_chi » June 7th, 2012, 12:53 pm
Petite, WHOA! That *is* a cool and creepy picture! I think my DH would have freaked out if he saw that, but I would've like seeing it since E's head was too big to fit. What do I ask for if I wanted to get that scan? I think if we have a #2, I'd want to know if the head would fit so I can know ahead of time if I can do the VBAC or if it'll be a c-section.

Also from Missy's deafening absence she must be busy with her LO. ANyone know if it was a boy or girl?
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Post by amc80 » June 7th, 2012, 1:03 pm
Petite- OMG, that is super creepy, but so cool! Technology is amazing! As for now I'm still on the normal OB schedule- every other week for now, and switching to every week at 36 weeks.

Vintage- thanks! An uneventful 10 weeks would be awesome. I was able to wear my rings until around week 24, at which point the E-ring had to come of. After that I was just wearing the band...until yesterday, when it was WAY too hard to take off. So I think it will stay off for the duration. I'm bummed, not just because I love my rings, but because I don't like being pregnant without a wedding ring! I know, that's dumb...but still...I haven't had any balance issues, but I have noticed I'm starting to lean back a bit more to compensate for the belly. And I'm starting to waddle. It's interesting, sometimes I feel like my back is super-swayed, and then I realized that that's just how it is for now...I can't really straighten it.
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Post by monkeyprincess » June 7th, 2012, 1:22 pm
PP, wow, that is amazing technology! I agree though, I'm a little creeped out by it. Glad to hear that as of now, it sounds like you'll be able to deliver the old-fashioned way.

Vintage, I'm taking my first (and probably only) plane ride of the pregnancy next week too. According to my doctor, there is nothing to be concerned about as far as the plane ride, but to drink plenty of water and get up once in awhile. Hope you have fun. Where are you going?

amc, that's good news. At least you'll get to see the baby again, and hopefully he's not as big as you suspect.

Dani, welcome back. We're heading to Arizona next week, and I'm pretty sure that if I want any pool time, it will have to be early in the morning since it is supposed to be around 105-ish. I got a maternity tankini from Old Navy the other day, and I couldn't help but laugh at myself when I tried it on.

Katamari, I can definitely see the start of a bump, although I see what you're saying about not entirely showing yet. It will happen soon! It's funny you mention the bbs thing. Like PP, my bbs have not gotten the memo. I went from a barely B to a full B, but the bump far exceeds them. The other day, a pregnant co-worker of mine observed that her bump is bigger than mine, but mine actually looks bigger because her bbs stick out so much farther than mine. I think it's true! Hers are seriously ginmormous, so the bump has barely caught up!

Rachel, I knew it! Congrats on your little girl. I too am not thrilled with my weight gain either. I think I'm up 15 pounds at 22 weeks. My doctor made me feel better last week though because she's not worried about it, and she'll let me know if she thinks it's a problem later on. I do know that I could afford to cut back on carbs and sweets, but it's so hard to say no these days!

AFM, nothing new. I'm this close to ordering bedding, but I'm having trouble commiting. It's cute and baby-ish in light blue and green, and not very themey, so it will be easy to decorate around and baby will have a nice and serene room. We have yet to make any baby purchases other than a few outfits, and I'm starting to get antsy to get some of this taken care of. I'm just so indecisive, and DH has not been in a hurry to start looking or help me decide.
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Post by PetitePoire » June 7th, 2012, 3:07 pm
LC- here its called a "pelviscan." I tried googling "pelvic scan" to see if that translated right, but it doesn't show the same pictures... I honestly I had never heard of it, but it is nice to know- even though it doesnt guarantee a certain type of delivery. Hopefully for #2 you can get one.

Monkey princess- I sure I hope I can deliver the old fashioned way. Now it's just a waiting game to see! Is the bumper in that crib set breathable? If so it is the cutest bumper ever! I've only seen plain white ones and wanted a cute one.

AMC- glad to hear you're on a normal schedule. That must mean everything is Ok.
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Post by vintagelover229 » June 7th, 2012, 3:15 pm
mayerling: Whew! I'm glad you can eat other things other than greens :) I mean I love veggies but I couldn't do it exclusively-especially pregnant!

Petite: That picture is freaky and cool at the same time. I mean-it's nice to know that the head fits an all...but the whole bone coloring and everything made me do a double take.

MP: We are going to Vancouver/Vancouver Island/Whistler for 15 days for our honeymoon. It's going to be a lot of fun-a lot of driving-and ton of activities but also a few days of relaxation. It will be nice to have one more trip (we haven't really done anything like this before-nor this long) before the baby arrives. Where did you say you were going? I HATE going to the bathroom on airplanes. Just hate it. And I know the moment I get on that plane I have to go. I have a rule-if I think about peeing (even if I just went a minute before) I try to go again cuz I know I'll just think about it for 15 minutes and then get out of bed and have to go. :roll:
I really like the set that you are considering-what is the other one you can't decide between?

Does anyone mind sharing their weight gains at certain parts of their pregnancy they are at? I'm actually a pretty good eater normally-but when we didn't have a stove...well...yeah I ate a lot of junk. We have quite a bit of junk in the house (oreos/chips/ice cream) but the oreos are still unopened from over a month ago-I still have ice cream from over a month ago and a bag of chips lasts at least a I tell myself I can't be doing TO bad if it's lasting that long. I think the biggest issue is my DH is working late so we don't get to eat until after 9pm. I KNOW that isn't good for you at all-but I don't like eating without him since it's the little time we get to spend together during the week. I'm sure that hasn't helped my weight gain.

My MIL scale is always messing with me so I won't know my actual weight gain until I go see the midwife on the 19th. I'd really like to not gain anymore weight-and thankfully I don't look big at all-I haven't had random people stop and say "when are you due" can't be that bad right? I really need to get out and walk more-but I'm so lazy during the day. Even though it's beautiful outside I don't really like to leave the house. I'm sort of a recluse lol.

The worst part is my gf gave me 2 pregnancy excersizing videos she swears by. But we have no TV set up since we are doing renovations we didn't want to pull it out of the box. I *could* do it on my lap top but who wants to watch a video on a 17" screen? I already can't see worth crap and I'd have to wear my glasses and find my mat :? See? Lazy lol.

It is nice enough I could go for a swim but the lake is super cold still. I also look funny in my swim suit since it doesn't quite fit since it's not maternity. I'll post a couple of shots from 10 days ago (already?!) but I'm quite embarrassed by them lol.
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Post by lliang_chi » June 7th, 2012, 3:27 pm
Monkey, don't feel bad about not getting any nursery stuff done. Ethan's nursery wasn't mostly done (still not done actually) until he was about 10 wks old. And FIL was coming up that's what got my butt in gear to get the curtains etc up. You have time to figure things out, as long as you have a DH that's willing to either watch the baby or do the work himself. I had an awesome sister that helped.
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Post by amc80 » June 7th, 2012, 3:45 pm
Vintage- I don't mind sharing. I've gained a lot- I want to say I'm at 28lbs. I actually lost a pound between my last appointment and this one. I'm 30 weeks but am measuring 33, so that makes me feel a bit better. Except that in the next 10 weeks I think I'm supposed to gain like a pound a week or something? That's sort of scary. But hey, whether I end up gaining 35lbs or 40lbs, I'm still going to have a lot of weight to lose...Oh, and I was about 20lbs heavier than I would have liked when I got yeah, I have some weight loss ahead of me.

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